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The last few months have seen some interesting developments. Sadly, Drug Related Deaths are still increasing and it is sad some areas have low naloxone coverage. In the next few weeks, I will be training Police officers on the use of naloxone. I am proud that the Birmingham City Centre Team will, hopefully, be the 1st Force in the UK to actually carry this life saving medication whilst patrolling the streets.

Drug Consumption Rooms are very much on the agenda this year, with many more supporters and advocates trying to convince the powers that be of their effectiveness in reducing Drug Related Deaths, Blood Borne Viruses and needle litter, but most importantly, to offer a safe place for people who inject drugs. We really need to treat our vulnerable street injectors with compassion and give them some dignity. Glasgow, Birmingham, Dublin, Wrexham and Swansea to name a few are looking at possible implementation.

It looks like Heroin Assisted Treatment is coming back to some pockets of the country, after a 50 years hiatus. There is a wealth of scientific evidence of the benefits of HAT from Switzerland and the Netherlands. Let’s not forget the British were once the pioneers and champions of heroin prescribing from the 1920’s right up until the late 1960’s. Last but not least, the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner’s latest report recommends DCRs, HAT and Naloxone for Police Officers. Such wonderful, pragmatic ideas from a Law Enforcement point of view”

Philippe Bonnet, February 2018

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