Chair’s Update (July 2015)

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After years of advocacy, and months of consultation and discussion, legislation has finally been laid before Parliament this month to expand access to naloxone. Although ambiguously worded – as these things often are – it seems to indicate that, from October 1st, drug services will be able to supply and stock naloxone without the need for individual or group prescriptions.

A more detailed reading will soon be available here, and Public Health England will also be releasing some more information soon. But this is clearly positive news, and should be a boost to efforts to start naloxone programmes where they don’t already exist.

Naloxone will feature prominently on the agenda for the 2015 NNEF Meeting, which will be in Birmingham on Friday 25th September. These meetings are free to attend, thanks to headline sponsorship from Frontier Medical and the support of our other exhibitors. They are a great opportunity to meet with fellow needle exchange workers and supporters from across the country – as well as to learn from the presentations and discussions. We will also be offering naloxone and overdose training during the day, and hosting a Harm Reduction Caféthe night before (venue to be arranged).

You can register now, and I’d also love to hear from you if you’d like to present or have any ideas for topics that we need to cover.

Elsewhere, the NNEF Planning Group is busy collating the responses to our recent Freedom of Information project with Release. We have also now started the Secret Shopper project – please do take part in this if you can, and we have small travel cost grants available if needed.

We now have 625 members from across England and beyond. If you haven’t already, we recommend that you subscribe your personal email address as well as your work one – as work addresses seem to be changing frequently at the moment (a sign of the times!). Please also follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and do not hesitate to get in touch if we can help in any way.

See you in Birmingham!

Jamie Bridge – NNEF Chair

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