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Torbay Young People’s Needle Exchange Policy

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The Torbay young people’s needle exchange policy by Safer Communities Torbay and CheckPoint Under 18s Drug and Alcohol Service has been shared for NNEF members to use as a point of best practice in developing their own young peoples NSP policy.

Somerset NSP Paperwork

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Turning Point in Somerset have kindly shared a number of the documents they’ve developed for their NSP, including assessments, policies and guidelines.

Crack Information Leaflet (Sheffield)

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Emilie Taylor and colleagues from Turning Point, Sheffield have shared the images from their crack information leaflets.

Victoria State Needle and Syringe Programme Policy

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The Victoria State Needle and Syringe Programme Policy has been kindly shared for us to use as a point of reference.

Herefordshire Needle Exchange Report

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This is a summary report outlining the operation of Herefordshire (DASH) Needle Exchange Scheme, with reference to national service delivery expectations and recent national and international research and evidence base supporting the requirements for a comprehensive delivery of needle exchange and associated harm reduction interventions for drug users.

Salvation Army NSP Manual

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The Australian Salvation Army Needle and Syringe Programme Policy, Procedures and Resource Manual originally produced in 1995 and revised (this revision) in 2001.

Briefing paper: insurance for needle exchanges

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Insurance has become a major issue for needle exchanges. Kerry Thompson, head of services at Exeter Drugs Project has written a briefing paper based on their experiences.

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