2016 AGM

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2016 Annual General Meeting held on 12th December. This meeting was using telephone conferencing as there had been no opportunity for a face to face meeting during 2016.

Elected Officials: Jamie Bridge (Chair), Matt Johnstone (Deputy Chair), Nigel Brunsdon (Deputy Chair), Philippe Bonnet (Deputy Chair), Helen Wilks (Treasurer)
Planning Group Members: Dave Estabrook, James Pierce, Mercy Nimako
Others: Mark Tudor


  1. Welcome
    Jamie welcomed the attendees to the call, and took a roll-call of those present.
  2. Confirmation of minutes from the last AGM
    These were agreed as a correct record of the previous AGM (September 2015). The proposal to develop a tender for future trainings proved not to be financially viable, so alternative solutions will be sought to deliver trainings in 2017. The Terms of Reference were also updated as requested.
  3. Report from the Chair and plans for 2017
    Jamie reported on activities since the 2015 AGM:There was no face-to-face meeting delivered in 2016 (hence this AGM taking place by teleconference) due to the lack of available time to coordinate this. However, we plan for a meeting (or meetings) in 2017 instead. Through the year, NNEF has been an active part of discussions on the Harm Reduction Group (Jamie), the PHE National Intelligence Network (Jamie) and the Naloxone Action Group (Nigel). A decision will be taken on continued membership of the Naloxone Action Group after their next meeting in February 2017.

    Matt also discussed the on-going Mystery Shopper project, for which around 35-40 ‘transactions’ have been recorded to date across England. The aim is still to reach 100 transactions in order to be able to report on a solid data set. The uptake has been slow, and in practice has been driven by Matt and colleagues, rather than more organically driven from the ground-up. Some people have asked us to perform an audit of their services, but have not been able to cover the travel costs etc. This may, however, be a model for this work going forward if costs can be covered. Philippe and colleagues have mystery shopped around 15 pharmacies in Birmingham, so will submit these data to the system. In Derby, Nigel is in discussions with local service providers about similar work and will see if a connection can be made.

  4. Review of the NNEF accounts and financial reports
    Helen presented the summary accounts for 2015-2016, with some expenditure and income still related to the previous face-to-face meeting in September 2015. Other costs include website maintenance and attendance at the Naloxone Action Group meetings. Overall, the NNEF retains a healthy balance, which can be reinvested in serving our organisational goals. No questions were raised by participants.
  5. Election of new officers
    Jamie confirmed his intention to stand-down as Chair due to other time commitments, but to remain as a Planning Group member. It was therefore proposed that Matt be installed as the new Chair, with Nigel and Philippe continuing in their roles as Deputy Chairs, and Helen in her role as the Treasurer. The proposal was unanimously agreed by the participants. Matt thanked Jamie for his work as Chair over the past years.
  6. Appointment of Planning Group members
    Jamie received confirmation that Vicky Fenwick and Talwinder Ghataura that they are leaving the Planning Group, and thanked them for their hard work and support for the NNEF. Mark Tudor was also added to the Planning Group. Mark asked about potential conflicts of interest, and was informed that these had been discussed in the past and should be declared by all Planning Group members whenever they arise on specific discussions or decisions.
  7. Any other business
    Nigel proposed that the NNEF places a focus on the roll-out of drug consumption rooms over the next 12 months, and participants agreed. This will be confirmed in the new Chair’s welcome email to members in the coming weeks. Such a position includes challenging those who object to, or refuse to explicitly support, the introduction of such services – and will include partnership working with the Harm Reduction Group and others.

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