2014 AGM

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2014 Annual General Meeting held in High Wycombe on 5th December following the NNEF All Day Meeting.

Elected Officials: Jamie Bridge (Chair), Philippe Bonnet (Deputy Chair), Nigel Brunsdon (Deputy Chair)
Planning Group Members: Cliff Askey, Jane Askey, Tim-Jake Gluckman, Andrew Preston, Mercy Nimako, James Pierce
Others: Dave Estabrook, Paula Groves, Matt Johnstone, Jasmin Mulroony, Judith Yates

Elected Officials: Helen Wilks (Treasurer)
Planning Group Members: Vicky Fenwick, Talwinder Rayit Ghataura

  1. Welcome and registration
    Jamie welcomed the attendees and introduced the agenda.
  2. Confirmation of minutes from last AGM
    These were agreed as a correct record of the previous AGM, held in Bournemouth on Friday 20th September 2013.
  3. Report from the Chair
    Jamie reported on activities since the 2013 AGM, including:

    • A one-day training event in Liverpool (June 2014), which went really well with more than 75 people attending. Although the training event incurred a £600 loss, it was agreed that it was still a success.
    • NNEF and Release have sent ‘Freedom of Information’ requests to all 152 Directors of Public Health in England, seeking information on NSP and naloxone provision, in the absence of any central information being gathered by PHE. The requests comprised of six questions, and the deadline has officially passed for responses. To date, 120 responses have been received, and NNEF/Release are chasing the remaining areas for their information. The results will be published in Jan-Feb 2015.
    • NNEF are part of newly-established NAG (Naloxone Action Group) for England.
    • NNEF are an active member of the PHE “National Intelligence Network on the Health Harms Associated with Drug Use”. Through this forum, NNEF has managed to secure commitment from PHE to release a briefing on naloxone by the end of the year, and is working with PHE to draft this document
    • The NNEF also participated on the NICE Committee for their review of NSP Guidelines.
  4. Review of the NNEF accounts and financial reports
    The Treasurer prepared a financial report, which was presented by the Chair. The current balance of the NNEF account (£3,993) is lower than at the last AGM (£4,539) – but does not reflect some income from the High Wycombe meeting which has yet to be received.

    During the year, the NNEF has organised its first training event and commissioned a redesign of the website design (at a heavily discounted rate from Nigel Brunsdon). The Bournemouth event incurred a small loss, but the Liverpool training event incurred a £600 loss due to paying the trainers’ fees. However, the High Wycombe event is projected to make a good surplus due to high levels of sponsorship and the free venue offered by the Oasis Partnership.

  5. Election of new officers
    Alison Downing has stepped down from her role as Deputy Chair, but the remaining elected officers expressed their desire to continue in their roles – which was approved by those present. Matt Johnstone volunteered to become the third Deputy Chair in Alison’s place, which was also approved. Thank you Alison for all of your contributions, and a warm welcome to Matt!
  6. Appointment of Planning Group members
    Jamie received confirmation that the majority of Planning Group members wanted to continue on the group, with the exceptions of Tim White and John Maliphant. Jamie thanked Tim and John for their contributions. Dave Estabrook and Jasmin Mulrooney volunteered to join the Planning Group.
  7. “Regional Round-Up”
    Attendees discussed local concerns regarding coverage, the re-commissioning of services, and the availability of naloxone. In Barnsley, the local authorities have secured £10,000 for the provision of naloxone.
  8. Plans for 2015
    • It was agreed to hold more training events in 2015, with the aim to organise three identical events within a matter of weeks – one in Croydon (to cover London and the South), one in Derby (to cover the Midlands), and one in the North-East. This would be proposed to sponsors, exhibitors and trainers as a set of three events – akin to a ‘roadshow’. The events could be held in May-June 2015 (to be confirmed).

      In order to make future training events financially viable, NNEF could fundraise with local commissioners and service providers. Another option is not providing lunches on the day to save on catering costs, or liaising with a local supplier to charge for lunches directly. The pros and cons of this option were discussed – doing so would save money, but it may reflect badly on the organisation. The option of charging a small fee to participants, or charging for certificates, was discussed – but this would create administrative difficulties and it was agreed that the events should remain free to the extent possible. However, certificates will be issued to participants, and the NNEF will explore options to cut the costs of printing as much as possible. Elected officials will draft a proposal for the events in early 2015, taking into account these discussions.

    • In addition to the training event(s), NNEF will also hold an all-day meeting (and AGM) towards the end of the year. It was agreed that the 2015 meeting should be held in the Midlands, and Philippe will look into securing a free venue in Birmingham. It was agreed this should take place in October or November.

      Elected officials also committed to explore the possibility of providing scholarships for the 2015 meeting – which could include accommodation and/or train fares to the event.

    • Tim-Jake presented his proposal for a ‘mystery shopper’ pilot in response to reported poor practice in some NSPs, including pharmacies. Tim circulated an initial proposal and we looked at possible scenarios. Matt stated that his service had an existing questionnaire for NSP mystery shopping, and will forward this to the group. It was agreed to use two ‘scenarios’ from this questionnaire so as to create uniformity throughout, and to confine the project to England. It was also agreed that service user groups should be encouraged to contribute to the project through advertisements on the NNEF website.

      The aim would be to present the results at the 2015 meeting. Tim offered to co-ordinate the project (and will focus on London services), while Dave offered to assist with coordinating the project. Philippe will also look at Birmingham again.

  9. Any other business – None raised.


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