2005 AGM

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2005 Annual General Meeting held in London on the 25th February following the NNEF All Day Meeting.

Draft Terms of Reference

Amendments to be made include:

Role and Aims

  • Clarify the initial description of the role of the Forum, possibly finishing “…in line with public health and national drug strategy”.
  • Get rid of the aim “To provide a voice for those working in the field”.
  • 7th aim -change word “users” to “use”
  • Change last aim to “organizations” not “agencies”


  • Include reference to commercial organizations, but make explicit that these will be associate members and do not have voting rights


  • Change first line to “the Forum will meet at least twice a year”, rather than three times.
  • Make explicit that one of these meetings should take place outside London.
  • State that meetings must be advertised to all members one month prior, to allow members adequate time to make arrangements to attend.
  • State that decisions of the Forum will be made by a majority of those present at a meeting (assuming it has been advertised a month ahead, as outlined above)
  • Add the option of an electronic vote to the sentence about postal voting.
  • In the final paragraph make explicit that members will be asked whether they wish their information to be shared with partner organizations or commercial businesses (appropriate to their work), and if they choose not to share this information it will be used solely for the purposes of Forum business.

Election of Forum Officers

  • Amend the second paragraph “Each individual and organizational member will be entitled to one vote” to include reference to associate members who do not have voting rights.
  • Amend third paragraph about nominations for election, to reflect that nominations must be made “not less than two weeks” prior to the AGM.
  • Amend final paragraph of this section to reflect that votes of no confidence can be initiated by any member, supported by ten members, and must be agreed by the majority at the next meeting (this vote of no confidence must be received by secretariat no less than four weeks prior to the next scheduled meeting).

Forum Planning Group

  • No changes

Commercial Organisations

  • Amend to reflect the role of commercial organizations as associate members with no voting rights, and remove the statement “They may attend meetings of the Forum by invitation only”.
  • Subject to the amendments as discussed these new Terms of Reference were agreed by the majority of those present.

Action point: Brenda Nash agreed to ask members to indicate whether they would like their contact details shared or not when she sends out the minutes from the AGM.

Nominations for Elected Positions

Due to a lack of nominations (only one received and nominees do not agree), Forum was unable to vote for the elected positions of Chair, Deputy Chair and Treasurer. Therefore, Jim will continue to undertake the role of Chair, and Terry Shields as Deputy Chair until further nominations and elections are held. Terry explained that DrugScope had agreed in principle to act as Treasurer for the Forum, dependant on finalizing the details of how this would function.

Action Point: Terry Shields to contact DrugScope finance department to discuss details of Treasurer position

Action Point: Brenda to send all members information about what is expected from each elected post (as was attached to the nomination forms for this AGM), and ask people to register their interest in standing for these posts. Once there are nominees for these positions the Forum will vote.

Terry called for volunteers to work on the planning committee. The following people registered their interest:

Helen Wilks
Mari Ottridge
Mhona Dillon
Vicky Fenwick
Emilie Taylor
Alan Neill
Susan Waldron
Sharon Rogers
James Pierce
Sam Pisano
Pauline Rigby
Nigel Brunsdon

Along with existing Planning Group members this means there are now 17 people on the Planning Group.


Terry explained that Andrew Preston from Exchange Supplies had volunteered to develop and host the National Needle Exchange website, and asked those present to review the service contract that had been drawn up in relation to this website. The group voted as to whether the NNEF website should include a banner advertising Exchange Supplies, and members agreed that it was appropriate. The group expressed gratitude to Andrew for hosting the website.

Action Point: Brenda to announce the address of the website to members as soon as it becomes available.


Neil Hunt asked members to complete the questionnaire that is currently on the UKHRA website about the adequacy of responses to the prevention of blood borne viruses and overdose. This website can be found at www.ukhra.org


Terry Shields and Alan Neill thanked attendees for coming to the Forum meeting and for staying for the AGM.

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