NNEF Save The Date - Friday 6th June 2014. Free Training Event, Liverpool John Moores University.


For the NNEF's inaugural Needle Exchange Training Day in June, we are seeking proposals from high-quality needle exchange trainers for sessions to be delivered. We are looking for four three-hour sessions in total - to be repeated in the morning and afternoon so that each participant can attend two different trainings during the day. We hope to cover as broad a range of topics as possible. The deadline for proposals is March 31st 2014.

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About the NNEF

The National Needle Exchange Forum (NNEF) exists to actively promote and support the provision of high quality needle and syringe programmes, therefore ensuring the reduction of injecting-related harm as a key part of the English drugs strategy.

The NNEF members are needle and syringe programme staff, users and advocates from across England. The Forum meets at least once a year – these meetings are free for members to attend and include presentations from invited speakers, updates from delegates, and practical skills-sharing and discussions to promote good practice in this field.

The aims of the National Needle Exchange Forum (NNEF) are:

To identify and promote good practice in the development and delivery of needle and syringe programmes.


To inform policy-makers, partner agencies and the wider community about the benefits of needle and syringe programmes in order to ensure that harm reduction remains central to health policy in England.  
To raise awareness, and promote understanding, of the role of needle and syringe programmes.  
To establish and maintain a communication network for members of the Forum.  
To initiate and facilitate open, informed discussion and debate.  
To provide expert advice on issues related to needle and syringe programmes and injecting drug use  
To promote and develop links with relevant national and international organisations, including similar organisations in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.  

To see the NNEF Terms of Reference (updated in 2013), click here.